A collaboration with vinnova

Brain training & Mindfulness in school

In this project, a new methodology of brain training – Mindfulness for schools – will be tested to create a more clam classroom environment, better study results and prevent mental illness.

A collaboration with Norrsken

Mindfulness in
Norrsken House

MindApps offer guided mindfulness sessions for free for everyone working at Norrsken House. The intention is to assist all staff in establishing a regular meditation practice as research shows that it is a very good investment to spend about 10-15 minutes daily in meditation.

A collaboration with H&M Group

and H&M Group

We are currently collaborating with H&M Group concerning various Mindfulness activities in the workplace.

Have a project in Mind?

Our vision is to continue to incorporate impactful movements and collaborations into our daily efforts. Write to us and let us hear your ideas.

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