Beyond Swim

Beyond swim comes with a mission to bring open water swimming to those of all abilities throughout the UK and to create and foster a community that supports the incredible passion of open water swimming. 

Together with Beyond Swim, we hope to enhance the experience of open water swimming, and to really allow members to appreciate all there is to experience. From the moment your toes hit the shores – to the active moments of enjoying the open water.

We encourage members of Beyond Swim to take a look at their account dashboard to find our offer there, and we look forward to working with such a fantastic organisation!

Mini + London design Festival

MINI collaborated with Asif Khan to create three installations at London Design Festival [LDF] that explored architectural solutions for modern urban living. Collectively named the MINI LIVING Forests, the three installations – ‘Relax’, ‘Create’ and ‘Connect’ – were open throughout LDF for the public to explore and use for working, socialising or simply relaxing in.

MindApps worked with the MINI LIVING space ‘Relax’, where residents were able to escape from busy city life in the space and listen to meditations from MindApps’ The Mindfulness App. MindApps co-founder, Magnus Fridh, also hosted a series of exclusive meditations in the space on a first come, first serve basis.

Flying Kites school

“I work for a small non-profit called Flying Kites. We run a school and a home for vulnerable youth in a rural Kenya. At our home we try and supply children with the tools to cope with the everyday and rehabilitate. One of the ways we do this is through practicing mindfulness.

Because of your app and a small pair of speakers donated to our home, we are able to give the children the space to meditate and practice. I wanted to thank you for your app and how it has changed the lives of many in our small part of the world, and given our children the space to heal.”

Flying Kites School, Kenya

Karolinska Institutet

The problems of today’s Swedish emergency care are numerous. Staff and patients share an organizational situation that in many cases results in both patient and carer dissatisfaction. Patients may lack basic nursing, there are gaps in security, in the patients’ participation and in reception.

In January – March 2017 Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm will conduct an 8-week intervention for 60 volunteer nurses and assistant nurses at the emergency clinic in Huddinge using The Mindfulness App as a main tool for the study. The intervention is based on nursing science and mindfulness given in the form of an initial 3-hour workshop, followed by training programs through The Mindfulness App. Expected conclusions from the study will be an in-depth understanding of the clinical implementation of health development to increase the caring patient care through staff’s empathy and compassion.

Dagens Nyheter VR Meditation

In this VR – collaboration together with Sweden’s biggest newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, and Google, we make it possible to meditate on a beautiful beach in Spain.

During 2017, you can follow us to 6 beautiful places around the world where you can sit down and experience a 5 minute meditation whenever you want to, wherever you are. The only thing you need is the free app and a couple of VR glasses to be apart of DN’s VR stories.

A collaboration with Ali Katz

We only have one opportunity to be with our children while they are kids, and in the midst of our busy lives, it is easy to forget this. So how can we make the most out of this time?

Together with Ali Katz, mother of two and author of the best selling book ‘Hot Mess to Mindful Mom’, we created a mindfulness course dedicated to parents. In this course, Ali takes parents through the basics of mindfulness, as well as meditations and techniques specific for being more compassionate in the moment and more present in the daily lives of our children. The course was featured in the premium Library section of The Mindfulness App where it is available for sale. Promotion of the course was done via guest blog posts from Ali, and social media on Facebook and Instagram.

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