More than just an inhale

Written By The Mindfulness App

On October 15, 2019

To breathe for oxygen is obviously needed, but have you ever thought of other things that your breathing can do?

The state of your mind affects the breath, the reverse is true as well. Just like smiling even though you might not be feeling joyful, can create a sense of happiness in the body.

Breathing mindfully, taking good care of a long inhale and an equally long exhale, can slow down our busy minds and also calming the nervous system.

By acknowledging and practicing this we can be helped through trying situations, sleeplessness or to simply return to ourselves after a long or stressful day.

Conscious breathing releases tension in the body and can also improve the immune system.

Slow deep breaths help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is when the body gets the chance to recuperate, regenerate, and heal.

When you are experiencing emotions of anger or frustration, the breath is fast and shortened. When you are relaxed, your breath is slow and complete.

To exercise breathing, and to train the body to return by itself to a slower breath, is a way to optimized health.

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