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On October 16, 2019

Meditation does not always require a serene, secluded spot seated on a cushion with the whole morning free. It can be as beneficial, or even more, to just fit it in when available. Some people find their time for stillness in the midst of a full train, or bus, while they are on their way to and from work. Or they take a mindful walk in a park during the lunch break. Perhaps even include sitting down under a tree for a couple of minutes, closing the eyes and taking in the noises of the city in the background, the nearer sounds of people walking or conversing, and yet closer to ones own breath and the stillness of the body.

In wintertime sitting in the park might not be first choice. But a quiet walk, paying attention to each step, letting the focus follow the soles of the feet as they touch the ground, and as they lift up. The sensation of breathing in the chest, inhale and exhale, can provide a wonderful break from thoughts occupying the work mind.

To enjoy a nice meal, either in the company of others for a moment of distraction and laughter, or in solitude for a pause and a mindfully devoured plate of food. First taking in the arrangement of the components, the colors and shapes, the fragrance. Then thoughtfully combining the first mouthful of food on the fork, letting the different tastes each have their communication with the senses, sweet, salty…. Take your time to experience the meal.

Actually we can turn almost every action into a mindful moment, just by letting go of the past and the future, of what just happened and what we have to do next. We are always on our way to someplace, and we are always leaving something behind, but as we connect to the moment, we let go of the mind planning and categorizing and in that we can find stillness.

A couple of minutes can be enough to change a stressful day. Perhaps before leaving the car, catch your breath and sit back restfully against the seat, take a deep breath and let your body relax as you exhale. Repeat a couple of times and feel how you are connecting to yourself again.

In our fast paced society, finding ways to stay grounded and still, sometimes have to be made right here and right now. Not when all the parts of our lives magically fall into place, when there is an abundance of time and space, but when there actually is not – and we just make that tiny moment count.

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