Change starts with you

Written By The Mindfulness App

On October 16, 2019

Change can enrich our lives, it is a natural part of being alive. The size and impact may vary, some changes are small, and others are big and more affecting. It can make our lives more enjoyable, convenient, effective, delightful, fun and valuable. Contrary, change can make our life messier, more confusing, harder and more stressful.

Why we basically want to change something, is because we think it’s going to bring us closer to happiness. We are usually in a situation where we feel a lack of something. Something is missing and we want to fill that emptiness with value, by change –  we are looking for a solution and want to make a shift from the currant unsatisfied situation, towards a place of fulfillment.

However, what’s an essential step for a successful change, which many people skip, self-acceptance. It’s the first step, towards a more satisfied and happier you. No matter what you say, what you do, what you have done in the past, what you look like, all of us have to start by accepting ourselves with all our uniqueness, talents and flaws.

How can I start accepting myself?

Treat yourself as if you would be your best friend – you tell your best friend how wonderful he or she is, but how often do you give yourself these beautiful words, and why don’t you? Treat yourself as the precious unique human being you are. No one want anyone else say mean things about their best friend, because you love them and it should be the same for you. Treat yourself as if you were your own bestie.

Stop comparing yourself with everyone else – We’re all different people on different paths in life. Look at yourself as your own example, your own person, who has the ability to go ahead and create your own story.

Be the master of your own thoughts – the key to everything. “It’s all in your mind”, isn’t a cliche, it’s very real and the good thing is that you can decided how you want to react to everything that happens to you.

Be honest with yourself – not that hard right? Or? Many times we think that we are telling ourselves the truth, but many times we aren’t. Why? It’s easier not to. We take shortcuts and don’t think of the future outcomes. But if we start to more frequently tell ourselves the truth, it will get easier to accept.

Allow every single feeling to be felt – Feelings are feelings and they are supposed to be felt. I know, it’s scary and easier to just avoid by distractions. However, by actually dealing with your emotions, you can come closer to a place of acceptance as you understand yourself better, you become more present and aware of yourself.

In the end, we are all a piece of uniqueness, brought to this earth to live our lives fully, bursting with love.


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