Brain training & Mindfulness in school

Written By Anna Wikfalk

On October 15, 2019

MindApps has been granted funding from the Innovation Authority Vinnova for conducting the project

In this project, a new methodology of brain training – Mindfulness for schools – will be tested to create a more clam classroom environment, better study results and prevent mental illness. The ambition is to create a sustainable solution for schools that make it easy to integrate brain training into the teaching. We have developed a model with both physical and technical components that will be tested in five schools.

Within the framework of the project, teachers from five schools will first undergo an online training in mindfulness through our app The Mindfulness App to learn the techniques for their own well-being before they share these skills with the students. Through the training they learn a way to be, rather than a new method. The personal development helps the teachers maintain their calm and presence, develop patience as well as flexibility, and makes it easier for them to adapt the teaching according to the students’ specific needs.

The online training is followed by a professional 3-day training where the teachers learn how to share these inner skills with the students. Through the training, the teachers get a toolbox of techniques and exercises that they can weave into the education as needed. In this way, the mindfulness training becomes a natural part of the school that helps both teachers and students to develop resistance to various stressors, provide emotional regulation, increased empathy, compassion and creates a healthy classroom environment.

In the School section of The Mindfulness App there are exercises and meditations to easily practice in the classroom. This part of the app will also be further developed during the project in collaboration with teachers and students.

The ambition of the project is to influence both the individual as well as the society locally and globally in the long term. The students will be provided with skills that help them both in school and equip them for the rest of their lives.

Participating schools

The five schools participating in the project are all located in various parts of Stockholm. They are: 

  1. Rytmus Stockholm
  2. Vittra Södermalm
  3. ProCivitas Stockholm
  4. Johan Skytteskolan
  5. Ellagårdsskolan
The Training

The professional training is largely inspired by The Mindful Education developed by Daniel Rechtshaffen in close collaboration with neuroscientists and psychologists and is adapted to Swedish conditions.

The training includes five components

  • Physical awareness
  • Mental awareness
  • Emotional awareness
  • Social awareness
  • Global awareness


Do you want to know more about the project?

Does your school want to participate in the project?

We are looking for additional schools for step 2 of the project.

Contact our project manager:

Anna Wikfalk
[email protected]
+46 762 28 11 09


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