6 Ways to practice Self-care

Written By The Mindfulness App

On October 16, 2019

If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete. – Buddha

Mindfulness is all about adding value to your life, making your life more enjoyable. It’s not about meditating all day long or keeping up a strict yoga practice. Mindfulness is a tool to use to practice becoming more present, to listen more carefully to yourself, your surroundings and to start loving yourself unconditionally.

It’s about letting go of emotional baggage, of people, places, life situations that no longer serve you at your core. I know it’s a challenging road to initially take, but take it from my personal experience through the years. It really is beautiful and filled with so much more love on the other side.

What is the first thing you think of that you can you let go of?

Perhaps, behaviors, pressure, comparison, or something else that isn’t serving you anymore. Have that conversation with yourself and identify those areas you can let go.

Loving yourself 100% means that you’re able to “be” 100% present for others in your life and on a bigger scale, the world. It might feel overwhelming to think “how can I have such impact on the world?”–but, you can. Together we can all start to shift into the practice of self-love and self-care, the more love and compassion we spread, the more likely the cycle will continue.

Here comes some Self-care tips:

Morning routine – is a way of giving yourself some extra respect and love. Give yourself a slow start, go for walk, meditate, do yoga, drink some lemon water, do some journaling, read, or whatever makes you feel energized and like you are giving yourself some extra LOVE.

Make yourself a lovely dinner – cook something for yourself that will make yourself feel as good as possible. Nourishing and healthy, eat it slow, without distractions and experience every single piece and flavor of your meal.

Dress up for yourself – wear your favorite dress, or whatever outfit makes you spectacular, just because.

Think about how beautiful you are – look into the mirror and tell yourself that you have longed for you. Even if your voice shakes and even if it makes you cry. Particularly if it makes you cry, remind yourself it is safe to cry. You are there to take care of you.

Play your favorite music at full volume – dance and just have fun, let go of judgments and that evil little voice in your head.

Allow every single emotion to appear – You don’t have to feel any certain way while you take positive action or think a new thought, let the emotions happen (sometimes you may feel the opposite of what you’re saying or how your trying to feel. That’s just fine).

This is an act of love, but frankly, self-care doesn’t always feel good, and in fact it often hurts really bad. But we can learn so much by searching for the answers in ourselves, rather than our surroundings. By starting this self-loving practice, you can learn from a deep and divine place within yourself, that there is nowhere else to go but home. And home is this beautiful human body, with complex personality and bright, divine soul, ready to take in all the learning we have left to do in this life. Hence, take time to love yourself today, in this special moment called NOW!

Good Luck ?


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